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Author of Love and Forgiveness

I am grateful to have received Your forgiveness and love without limits. To know when I fail You always offer Your forgiveness, and I can be instantly restored to full fellowship…regardless of the depth of the hurt, I caused…You do not hold grudges.

I know the temptation to want to live a life guided only by my conscience. Too often I do what I want without thought for others…but, I cannot begin to understand the unrelenting hardness of those who so brazenly reject You. I cannot understand the anger and hatred directed at Your Son I hear the defiant cry, “How dare He…I don’t need forgiveness”…and I weep.

If we demand our way, we are doomed to live separated by our sin. Father, guide me to love and forgive as You do…regardless of the personal cost.


Scripture: “They like themselves too much to hate their own sins or even to see them.” Psalms 35:2

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