Daily Prayer

Dear Father of Light and Truth

Thank you for the access you grant your children to your throne.  By Your grace and mercy, I come asking for your help.
I am surrounded by evil.  Your truth is called a lie.  America has lost her way and without your divine intervention she will stagger and fall in the darkness created by those who have rejected you. Show Yourself mighty over the lies and deceptions of the enemy.
And, Father, I acknowledge I need you personally.  I want the world to see Your Son living in me.  Help me to be quick to speak your truth, slow to anger and to display your love to all You send my way today.
In Jesus name I ask these things, Amen

Father, I need your strength and wisdom…

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come before you today humbled by the opportunity to have access to your throne and secure in the knowledge that you welcome me with grace and love.
I come concerned for America, she has lost her way.  Darkness and evil seem to be winning and we need your light to reveal the depravity we have embraced and we need your truth to find our way.  Show yourself powerful and restrain the enemy.
Father, I need your strength and wisdom.  Please help me represent your love and grace to those who need you today.  May I be salt and light to those I meet in the course of my everyday routine.
In Jesus name I ask these things,
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