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Daily Prayer

Source of all Truth

I am brokenhearted today, America has embraced despicable lies to support their evil choices. The evil that abounds in our culture is unimaginable. To quote Jesus in support of abortion

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Daily Prayer

Lord of True Virtue

Often the world has charged Christ-followers as being “Holier than Thou”. But since the cancel culture and the #metoo movements have taken over, those in opposition to Your authority have

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Daily Prayer

Trustworthy Father

You provide me a place to run when I’m overwhelmed. You provide me a model of what a father should be…thank You for my security. Everywhere one looks in America

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Daily Prayer

Judge of All Mankind

I see America clearly described by the prophet Zephaniah: She (America) heeded no voice…accepted no instruction…did not trust in the LORD, nor draw near to God. Her princes (elites) within

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Daily Prayer

My Great Rescuer

My heart is burdened for the Americans trapped in a woke world with no escape. Teachers are required to teach…false history…inappropriate sexual content…pronouns that make no sense and forced to

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Daily Prayer


You designed humans unique in all creation. You gave man and woman superior intelligence, self-awareness, communications skills and a moral compass to reign over Your creation. Early in history, we

Daily Prayer

God above all gods

To know You personally…to see You meet all my needs…to experience Your presence and power, it is impossible for me to believe anyone would reject You for another god. Yet,

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Daily Prayer

God of all Knowledge

You’re the Alpha and Omega of knowledge. You know the beginning from the end. Every detail is sifted through you. Following the daily news has become more and more like

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Daily Prayer

Giver of all Good Gifts

I am amazed at the multitude of gifts you have showered on Your creation…and the way You challenge each of us to excellence. Mankind benefits when we are stretched to

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Daily Prayer

Protector of Eternal Truth

It appears as though, whenever a spirit of honest personal evaluation and freedom begins to take form before Your throne, the prince of darkness uses every deception and every distortion

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