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The Mission is simple as 1...2...3...4

  1. Recruit volunteers willing to accept the Personal, Community and National challenges and invite them to join our team of Prayer Warriors to pray for the restoration of America.
  2. Provide every Inspire & Ignite Prayer Warrior with easy to use tools to help them keep their commitment to pray daily.
    (the tools available both on the web site and the Inspire & Ignite app, are listed below)
    Challenge every Prayer Warrior to cry out to God every day asking Him to intervene in the affairs of state and to empower us to share His truth.
  3. Challenge every Prayer Warrior to call out to God every day asking Him to intervene in the affairs of our nation and to empower us individually to “stand in the gap”.
  4.  Search out and join a community Prayer Warrior group…or start a Prayer Warrior group using the tools provided by Inspire & Ignite.
You are invited to join the Inspire & Ignite…but know this is not your grandmother’s prayer circle. We’re building a Prayer Warrior team committed to aggressively and consistently call on Lord of Heaven to involve Himself to inspire and ignite a Spiritual Awakening across the land. If that’s you, welcome aboard.
If you are willing to pray a short prayer daily asking our Creator to restore America and commit to joining or building a community prayer team (using Inspire & Ignite provided tools), we welcome you to the Prayer Warrior team. Simply fill out the form below and send it to us today.
Download the app today and begin to join the battle for the future of America. 

Or return to this website regularly for your updated daily prayer.

The Tools...

Inspire & Ignite will provide:
a. Supporting Web site and app
b. Unique daily one minute prayer being prayed each day by all our I & I Prayer Warriors with space to enter personal prayer reminders
c. App program which enables you to receive your daily reminders for times that fit your personal schedule
d. Information about other related prayer opportunities and challenges
e. Links to other national prayer organization web sites
Short daily prayers (1 minute or less) to help every Pray Warrior call out to God each day with thousands of others to raise a crescendo at the throne of Heaven.
The prayers each follow a distinct outline
Each contains:
a, A humble thanksgiving recognizing the awesome privilege we have to go straight to the Throne of Heaven.
b. A call for God’s help to restore our country and our culture to Biblical standards.
c. A personal request for the Savior to lead us to walk each day in a way that honors Him.
Sample of daily prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father,

   I come before you today humbled by the opportunity to have access to your throne and secure in the knowledge that you welcome me with grace and love.
  I come concerned for America, she has lost her way.  Darkness and evil seem to be winning and we need your light to reveal the depravity we have embraced and we need your truth to find our way.  Show yourself powerful and restrain the enemy.
   Father, I need your strength and wisdom.  Please help me represent your love and grace to those who need you today.  May I be salt and light to those I meet in the course of my everyday routine.
In Jesus name I ask these things,

That's It!

1) Join the Team
2) Use the daily tools

3) Pray daily for America
4) Join A Community

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