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Father of My Hope and My Future

Today I close the book on 2023 and begin a new challenge.  May the New Year blow away every dream!

I’m praying that the use of the Inspire and Ignite prayer app will grow exponentially.

I’m praying for the I and I team that the new functions we plan to add will provide incentives to promote consistency and accountability in our efforts. May our round table chat rooms energize community involvement in daily prayer.

Give us the wisdom to stabilize our needed revenue stream. Please move the hearts of these potential supporters: CRU; OCF; Ammerson Music; DeMoss Foundation.

Lord, help me to remain faithful to the call on my heart to advance Your Kingdom…please use me in 2024 to advance the I&I effort.


Scripture: Listen now to my prayer and to the prayers of all your other servants who want to honor you.” Nehemiah 1:11

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Protector and Provider

We are “revisiting history”. We who, claim to be “One Nation Under God”, are busy removing ourselves from Your protection.

Compare America today with what Nehemiah wrote centuries ago to the Israelite remnant in the province who survived the captivity but were in great distress and reproach. “We (the Israelites) have acted corruptly against You. We have not kept Your commandments, nor the statutes, nor the ordinances which You commanded.”

An apt description of 21st century America. In a few short months, we have gone from respected leader of the free world to beggar nation asking for oil from those who seek to destroy us.

Oh God in heaven, please forgive us of these sins, restore Your blessings and heal our land so we love and honor you as “One Nation Under God”.


Adapted from Nehemiah 1:3-11

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