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Mighty Helper

Never in my life have I been more aware of the desperate battle being waged from the pit of hell against the eternal souls of mankind.

Fantasy driven lies defying even the most basic scientific truths are being propagated to deceive us and keep us from the light of Your perfection.

Without Your help this tidal wave will overwhelm the blinded and misguided and the enemy will steal their eternal futures.

Without Your help, I feel powerless to stand in the gap against this evil…with Your help, I can accomplish any task You set before me.
Make me strong and brave hearted in the face of a raging enemy. May I speak truth fearlessly to the dark depravity seeking to destroy the soul of America.


Scripture: “God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble.” Psalms 46:1

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Mighty Avenger

I pray for every innocent soul trapped in darkness and deceived by the enemy.

In the beginning, mankind believed a lie from hell, “You shall not surely die…” Today that lie has become the mantra to justify our arrogance and rebellion. We were told we could be as wise as our Creator. Silicon Valley now tells us utopia is just around the corner. With our technology we don’t need the Bible to discern all knowledge. In our pride we bite this Apple deeply. The day is soon coming when the awful consequences of believing these lies will be made evident to everyone.

Encourage me and all Your children to speak with a mighty voice, “The day of the Lord is near!” May many turn away from the coming destruction.


Scripture: “Who is the King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle.” Psalms 24:8

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Lord of Righteousness

How long, Oh Lord, will You wait? Everyday I see the advance of the darkness.

Injustice, attacks on children and families, crime, evil praised and righteousness mocked.

Franklin Graham has said, “All the demons of hell have been turned loose. Now is the time for action.” We need You…I need You. Your patience with our foolish rebellion is proof of Your love and grace towards us. When You reclaim Your rightful throne, these things will be a concrete example of Your righteousness. When Your justice is applied for all eternity to mankind, Your children will rejoice.

I trust Your timing. I trust Your heart. Help me to demonstrate Your love and patience towards a deceived and desperate world. May I always be courageous, faithful and kind.


Scripture: “How long will the wicked celebrate and be glad?” Psalms 94:3

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Mighty God, King of Kings

How foolish I have been to even entertain the idea that I should advise You. Your plans are without flaw.

Your promise of Joy…peace beyond understanding…victory over the grave and eternal life are unshakably true. By trusting You and seeking to follow Your guidance, I am assured nothing can rip me from Your hands. I’m secure…not because I can hold onto without losing my grip…but because You grip on me cannot be broken.

Those who stand against You cannot succeed.

How can I be used to share this amazing truth with as many as possible. Please use me…as flawed as I am…to pull many from the darkness. Help me be a reliable guide for those around me. Help me set their feet on the solid rock of Your salvation.


Scripture: “You have the power to save me, and you keep me safe in every battle.” Psalms 140:7

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Guardian of the Persecuted Church

Today, while the organized church is embracing cultural norms seeking relevancy in the 21st century, Your true followers are being harassed and persecuted daily.

You warned us that in the last days, this would happen quickly and brutally. We should continue to expect the rule of law will to be ignored and believers will increasingly become the target of a culture that literally hates You and dismisses Calvary. Help me stand in the gap for America…encourage me and other believers to represent You well. Anger and violence are not the answer…calm, confident love and truth spoken with humility are our weapons.

Empower Your children to be powerful representatives of Your truth and Your salvation in the face of rage that will challenge us. You are our strong defender.


Scripture: “The LORD rescues the godly; he is their fortress in times of trouble.” Psalms 37:39

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Lord of Perfect Justice

Perhaps the most frightening thing from Scripture seems to be directed squarely at America. “God gave them up…”!

The Scripture teaches that when a society or culture chooses to turn a blind eye to God’s authority…denies Him as the creator…and refuses to even acknowledge Him as God…He will give them over to their depraved minds. Even a casual look at today’s headlines…it is easy to see America has decided she no longer needs to be under the authority of Scripture nor be guided by God’s revealed standards. Hell-bent on living a rebellious and self-centered life, we are daring our Creator to give us up to our own desires and the destruction it will bring.

Don’t turn Your back on us…send Your Spirit to reveal Your love and give us hope.


Scripture: “So I gave them up to their stubborn hearts to follow their own devices.” Psalms 81:12

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Defender of Absolute Truth

America is captured by the fantasy that truth and reality are whatever you want it to be. Biology, math, history and many other subjects are either racist or sexist and therefore should be seen as malleable in order to support whatever the latest narrative demands.

I know that there exists absolute truth. Your Scripture is the ultimate narrative concerning our existence. The origins of the universe are beyond scientific capture…the fundamental truth is…mankind consists of only two genders…in our natural state, mankind is evil. Without an unassailable “ought to” we’re incapable of sustaining anything except a self-centered perspective on morality.

Don’t leave us in the dark. Restore a sense of virtue and moral integrity to America. Give me the courage to shine Your light into the darkness.


Scripture: “Only a fool would say, “There is no God!” People like that are worthless; they are heartless and cruel and never do right. Psalms 14:1

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Keeper of the Guard

When You tell me “No” I don’t always understand…but I always know You have my best at heart.

“No” is always difficult because the world’s options seem so enticing and being denied a “good time” seems uncaring. But no one loves me like You do.

“No”…You don’t want parent-less children, and You hate even more killing the unborn;

“No”…You don’t want drug addicts;

“No”…You don’t want broken marriages and broken families;

“No”…You don’t want victims of alcoholism;

“No:…You don’t want any authority to supersede Yours.

Anyone giving even tacit permission…any “Yes” in these…and many more similar situations are not loving and kind…but cruel and deceitful. Teach me…and teach others to honor Your wisdom and Your loving, “NO”. Rescue us from the permissive “Yes” that is destroying us.


Scripture:  “You have done many things for us, O LORD our God; there is no one like you! You have made many wonderful plans for us. I could never speak of them all–their number is so great!” Psalms 40:5

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Lord of Time

Twenty-two hundred years ago, on a Sunday much like today, You began a dramatic final week on Your way to Golgotha…on Your way to change history forever…to split time apart.

Only You knew what lie ahead the next few days…driving the moneychangers from the temple…rebuking hypocritical societal elites…celebrating a last supper (an event we still celebrate today)…betrayal…mock trials…brutal beatings…and crucifixion.

But the week began quite differently…Your triumphal entry into Jerusalem…the adoring crowds…Hosanas filled the air. Such excitement. Such expectations.

But the Hosanas soon turned to “Crucify Him!”

You knew what lie ahead and yet You walked resolutely into a future of devastating pain and torture. You did it for me. But not just me, for all mankind, for anyone willing to accept Your gift of eternal life.


Scripture: “Shout with joy to the LORD, all the earth!”  Psalms 100:1

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Father of all Nations

Looking at the mess we’ve made of things, it’s easy to question if we’ve been chosen to be blessed as You blessed Israel??? I acknowledge our unworthiness of Your love, forgiveness, and blessing.

You promised Israel…Your chosen people…created to represent You among the people on earth that You would pour out Your Spirit and bless them as they declared their dependence upon You…so You once blessed and defended America. But we no longer declare You’re our God. Please don’t abandon us even though we’ve been unfaithful. Restore in us the promise we once represented…teach us again how to let Christ shine through us to a dark and desperate world. You declare, “I am the first and last and there is no other God beside Me.”

May America once again reflect this truth.


Scripture: “For as the skies are high above the earth, so his loyal love towers over his faithful followers.” Psalms 103:11

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