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Lord of the Ecclesia

Where is Your Ecclesia…Your called out ones…at this time in our crisis of evil?

Does my cowardice or my desire to have a small part of this world, hold me prisoner? Does the broad way beckon…does my concern for what others think silence my voice?

Do I truly believe it is someone else’s call to get engaged and make a difference?

Will Your called-out ones be satisfied having cost those supporting the prince of darkness a few billion dollars and return to their comfort zones?

Heat up the flames of righteousness and burn away any smug satisfaction in me. Do not let the prince of this earth convince me I’ve won the battle and should rejoice in the outcome.

The battle is not over until the trumpet sounds.


Scripture: “As for the rest of you, dear brothers and sisters, never get tired of doing good.” II Thessalonians 3:13

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