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Guardian of my Soul

My eternity is secure in Your trustworthiness. From the moment of my salvation, You have protected me from danger.

Never in my lifetime has the threat to innocent children been greater. We seem intent on killing the unborn. If they survive the womb, so many are living without any spiritual guidance. So many are being deceived by our educators and by social media.

Once safe family entertainment providers have become grooming houses promoting perversion and dysfunction. Influential government authorities have said that every major medical  association agrees, gender-affirming care is life-saving…a critical tool for health care providers.” A lie from the pit of hell and it is becoming mainstream.
Father, teach us how to protect our children from the grasp of darkness.

Without Your light, our souls are hopelessly lost.


Scripture: “It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.” Luke 17:2

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