I Corinthians

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Conqueror over Death

Since the fall of man, mankind’s greatest enemy has been the grave. But then, that victorious Sunday morning 2000 years ago,”…UP FROM THE GRAVE YOU AROSE” and death and darkness were overthrown.

The empty  tomb has never been refuted. And through His resurrection I/we were given life everlasting because Christ overcame the grave.

No greater gift has ever been given since mankind chose death over life in the garden.  No greater love has any man than this…that a man give up his life for another. May I never take this gift for granted.

On this Sunday so many years ago, God, Himself gave us a second opportunity to choose life…empower me to spread the word…It is Christ alone that has given us this victory.


Scripture: “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” I Corinthians 15:55

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Lord Above all Creation

You are to be worshipped for the glorious works of Your hands. But I am learning to see an even more wonderous glory in how You take the most mundane things…common everyday things and transform them into amazing beauty.

You took my failures and my arrogance…my rags covered in filth and exchanged them for robes more beautiful than any earthly royalty has ever worn. You saw past my unworthiness, forgave me and replaced my hand-me-down corruption for the glory of the incorruptible. You made me into a dazzling new creation…more beautiful than the angels. You will perform this miracle for all who call on You for forgiveness.

Send Your Spirit among us…reveal the glorious plans You have for each of us…call America back to her intended beauty.


Scripture: “For this corruptible body must be clothed with incorruptibility, and this mortal body must be clothed with immortality.” I Corinthians 15:53

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Error Free Father

I am secure knowing that throughout history, You have never made a mistake…Your judgments are just and Your wisdom impeccable.

The unforced errors we make from a self-centered heart which has no need of a higher authority are foolish. When we replace God’s wisdom with our own and begin from the premise “There is no God” we stumble in darkness arriving at delusional conclusions…for example:
Criminals are most likely to be reformed when left unrestrained.
My fantasies not biology define my gender.
Mankind can control the climate.

My silence as these and many more delusions gained prominence is to my shame.  Forgive my fear of being canceled and my devotion to success above all else.  Fill me with the courage to stand against this evil regardless of the personal cost.


Scripture:  “So then, where does that leave the wise? or the scholars? or the skillful debaters of this world? God has shown that this world’s wisdom is foolishness! I Corinthians 1:20

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