1 Corinthians

New Testament Reference

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Creator of Perfection

Your handiwork is without flaws or blemishes. Yet we see imperfection and want to blame You. The truth is these imperfections are the result of our rebellion against You believing the idea we are as smart as You and free from any moral constraints.

When we rebelled and chose to do it our way, You did not remove the consequences of our bad choices. Instead, You gave us a moral code to minimize the impact of our foolishness and bless us if we would trust You. Instead, we traded Your blessing for false promises leading us to the darkness now threatening the soul of America.

Forgive America her rebellion and her arrogance, believing we know better than You. Humble us and teach us to trust You ahead of any human authority.


Scripture: ‘That your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” I Corinthians 2:5

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Crucified, given up for dead…But today the streets ring with joy…given up for dead shout it from the rooftop…“HE IS RISEN”…OOH! What a day. Death has been defeated, my sins are forgiven and my future has been secured. It is hard to believe…but, You told me so I know it’s true.

But Father on this day of rejoicing my heart is heavy for the millions of Americans living in darkness and believing lies while they mock Your truths and disrespect Your son.

Send the mighty wind of Your Spirit.  Sweep me up in it and let me proclaim Your goodness and Your power to all my friends and family.

Your name reigns supreme.

“Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?
I Corinthians 15:55

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Author of my Salvation

I am continually overwhelmed with the knowledge that I am privileged to call You “Abba, Father”. You always hear me when I pray.

I lift my voice to You today seeking Your help because America is stumbling in a darkness of her own creation. Believing social media hype, abandoning truth, and rejecting the way You would lead us, we are hoping the latest gadget from Silicon Valley will fix everything.

We refuse to acknowledge we need You in order to find joy and meaning in life.

Revive Your church and launch a great awakening across the land. Rescue us from ourselves. Empower me to be a lighthouse in the darkness. Give me the opportunity to demonstrate Your love and forgiveness to those in great need.


For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. It is written,
‘He is the one who catches them in their craftiness.’
I Corinthians 3:19

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