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Shredder of Darkness

Is it possible our small team’s efforts have moved You to engage the evil deception in America today…but as we have prayed regularly for You to shine the brilliant light of Your truth into the darkness we face, exposing the lies, and corruption so common in every corner of our country, the secrets of the enemy are being exposed.

*Parents in Virginia defeating corrupt powers reining over the public schools;
*Corruption throughout the government is revealed daily;
*Major corporations’ anti-America policies are put on display in daily headlines;
*Satan’s supporters proudly proclaiming their support for his demonic agenda;
*The hypocritical and biased application of the rule of law.

And the light continues to shine daily revealing the secret underbelly of the enemy’s plans. Prayer Warriors, now is the time to step up!


Scripture: “Fools say to themselves, ‘There is no God.’ They sin and commit evil deeds; none of them does what is right.” Psalms 14:1

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