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Loving Father,

I cannot understand the vitriol and rebellion rampant in America against You.

In 1962 the courts removed prayer from public schools. In 1963 they removed Scripture from public schools. That marked the beginning of the decline of American students’ standardized test scores and the decline of our literacy standing in the industrialized world. Ten years later, the courts enshrined in law the legality of killing unborn children. So, for at least 50 years, we have been asking You to leave our public square and let us manage our own affairs without You…and look at the terrible mess we’ve made.

Today I call out, “Do not turn Your back on us”. Return in a bold, dramatic fashion. We are not capable of living together in unity without You. Show Yourself mighty…humble us…rescue us.


Scripture: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,” Psalms 33:12a

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