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Lord of Good News

You are the source of the best good news in all history…Jesus rescued us from our sins at Calvary!

Recent headlines also announce the less dramatic but nevertheless good news. Surveys show that most parents are refusing to get their young children vaccinated… tip of the hat to engaged parents. Recent news, and enhanced photography from outer space upsets “settled science” concerning how the universe functions…just when a man’s convinced, he’s got God all figured out, it turns out he doesn’t. It has recently been documented that Monkey Pox is NOT a threat to the general population…only certain groups engaged in risky behavior.

Thank You, Lord, for shining Your light onto deceptions emanating from the darkness. Please be a beacon of truth leading America away from the path of destruction she seems so determined to pursue.


Scripture: “The LORD is [still] king! Let the earth rejoice!” Psalms 97:1

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