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Guardian of the Persecuted Church

Today, while the organized church is embracing cultural norms seeking relevancy in the 21st century, Your true followers are being harassed and persecuted daily.

You warned us that in the last days, this would happen quickly and brutally. We should continue to expect the rule of law will to be ignored and believers will increasingly become the target of a culture that literally hates You and dismisses Calvary. Help me stand in the gap for America…encourage me and other believers to represent You well. Anger and violence are not the answer…calm, confident love and truth spoken with humility are our weapons.

Empower Your children to be powerful representatives of Your truth and Your salvation in the face of rage that will challenge us. You are our strong defender.


Scripture: “The LORD rescues the godly; he is their fortress in times of trouble.” Psalms 37:39

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