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God of all Creation

Thank You for the family structure You designed. That structure, throughout human history, has functioned to create stable homes. Which explains the enemy’s relentless attack on families…fatherhood in particular, demeaning masculine role models.

Secular wisdom insists there is no reason to prefer intact families over any of the non-traditional family structures being foisted on us.

Fatherless children are stunted in their ability to adapt to real-world challenges, handicapped for life by the absence of a father in the home. The impact of absent fathers is evident in the increasing number of crimes reported daily. We’ve been lectured that we must “follow the science” but our overlords are undeterred by the facts. We are sacrificing the next generation on the “altar of progress”.

Lord, restore respect and rebuild families. Give me the courage to stand for traditional families. Our children deserve better than we have given.


Scripture: “God in his holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows.” Psalms 68:5

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