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Upholder of Absolute Truth

It is comforting to know Your word is absolutely true…there is no shadowing or exaggeration in Scripture. The assurance of Your faithfulness gives me courage today and hope for tomorrow.

It is discouraging to see our culture embrace half-truths and deceptions rather than acknowledging our failures…hoping to avoid the consequences of bad choices.

Spin…exaggerations…lies abound. The preferred narrative, unchallenged by facts or science, dominate the “fake news”. Fear of the cancel culture reigns. The result is a confused, deceived and vulnerable people. A population in search of truth and not knowing where to turn.

Make me a trustworthy representative of Your truth. Please give me the courage to speak up…regardless of the consequences. May Your spirit shine brightly through me. Help me a beacon that brings Your light into the darkness that threatens the soul of America.


Scripture: “They speak falsehood to one another; With flattering lips and with a double heart they speak.” Psalms 12:2

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