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Creator of Families

I am amazed at Your preeminent wisdom. The single greatest foundational support for stable functioning societies is stable functioning traditional families. You established them as part of Your creative plan for mankind and throughout recorded history traditional families have advanced the human condition and underpinned stable societies.

That truth remains today…but the cultural revolution begun in the 60’s has thoroughly decimated the American family. Today’s violence and entitlement mentality and the quickly spreading rejection of God and Scripture are the result of 3 lost generations…lost because of breakup of traditional families. Today’s children are under greater threat from their parents and our “enlightened” medical community than ever in history.

We cannot fix the brokenness without You. Please arouse Your children and turn us into Prayer Warriors against this insanity. Empower our voices.


Scripture: “You willingly forgive, and your love is always there for those who pray to you. Please listen, LORD! Answer my prayer for help.” Psalms 86:6

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