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Creator and Guardian of Life

I’m grateful unborn life is protected in America.  We cannot expect Your blessing if we violate Scriptural principle prominently identified in our founding documents.  “The right to life” is the first, most basic right listed in our Declaration of Independence.

Many willfully blind, in defiance of this, fight for the right to kill a “fetus.”

Even, some of our elected leaders try to appease both sides insisting, “My faith compels me to defend abortion.”

An effective national response has emerged to this self-delusion. A video shows a family viewing a gender reveal sonogram.

Parents, “We’re having a fetus!” The young daughter replies, “Umm, it’s a baby.”

Shine Your bright light on this self-evident truth…one even a child knows.

Use me in the ongoing battle to protect our little ones.


Scripture: “Children are a blessing and a gift from the LORD.”   Psalms 127:3

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