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Awesome Lord

My heart and my mind are deeply disturbed. I am frightened, confused and tormented. My mind is struggling to focus because of the way the You and Your word are being mistreated.

America is in danger because her leaders and influencers are unfaithful to the truth. They live self-centered lives and they misuse their power. So the land is dried up because it is under Your curse. Her pastures are withered. The Lord says, “Both your leaders and elites are godless. I even find religious leaders doing evil in my church! All their paths are dark and slippery. They will stumble and fall headlong. I will bring disaster on them. A day of reckoning is coming.” You have spoken!

I cry out…expose the darkness…return us to Your truth.


Scripture: Jeremiah 23:9-12 paraphrased to reflect 21st century America

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