The Force Multiplier

In military circles, the term “Force Multiplier” is understood to refer to a system or weapon that has the potential to increase the effectiveness of a fighting unit simply by its addition to the unit. For example, the introduction of the Winchester repeating rifle was a force multiplier or the introduction of effective night vision goggles gave its users a significant advantage over an opponent.

Likewise, as a child of God, when the veil was torn ceiling to floor at the death of Christ, children of God were provided with the most significant force multiplier in the universe. Believers were given direct personal access to the King of heaven. Prayer is the greatest force multiplier ever introduced in the Spiritual Warfare that the children of God have ever had available. As a Christ follower, you have at your disposal the ability to call heaven down upon the enemy. Satan himself fears you more when you are on your knees than when you stubbornly try to resist his fiery darts on your own.

It is difficult to explain why so many of us who believe leave pray to the last weapon we employ instead of the first weapon we take with us into a spiritual battle.

Inspire and ignite has been introduced to both teach and equip us with the understanding and use of prayer in the spiritual battle before us today. To rescue our family and friends from Satan’s clutches and to return our country to her founding principles, we must be united in lifting up our prayers to the throne in heaven.

Without our Savior’s direct involvement in the battle that rages in America today, our lost family and friends and America herself will be destroyed by the forces of evil at work across our land today.

Inspire & Ignite is here to raise the challenge; join us:

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