The First Prayer that Gets God’s Attention

Can just anyone…anyone anywhere pray and expect God to respond? Some only resort to prayer in desperation…from the “foxholes” of life…others see God as the “big vending machine in the sky”…Just drop another quarter in and press whatever button you choose. Yet others see prayer as a religious obligation mostly reserved for seminary trained “professionals”. What is the first prayer we utter that gets God’s attention?

—> To unleash the power of heaven, we must first lay aside our pride and acknowledge our need for Christ. We must accept we cannot fix our “sin problem” ourselves and allow Christ to reign in our lives. Only then can we claim all the promises of the Bible that God will hear our prayers and will involve Himself in our daily lives as Savior and Lord.

God Himself has said that He will “…resist the proud but give grace to the humble” (James 4:6)

It is our pride that keeps us from becoming a Child of God. It is humbling to admit we need help…to acknowledge our neediness and accept our failures…but Scripture says that is the first step towards eternity in heaven and opens the floodgate to all the blessing our heavenly Father has awaiting us.

Our prayer asking Christ to be both our Savior and the King of our lives is the first prayer that gets God’s attention and unlocks the supernatural power of heaven.

This same principle holds true for believers who have forgotten the key to true joy is to “…abide with me” and surrender afresh to the lordship of the great “I AM”.
Would you like God to partner with you helping you deal with all the potholes along the roadway of life? Then, lay down your pride and ask for help. Humble yourself and pray the prayer that gets God’s attention and begin the adventure of following Christ and experiencing the power of heaven in your life!

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