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Sacrificial Lamb

I know what it means to fail so badly there is no recovery…but I’ve learned I cannot fail so badly rescue is impossible. Christ is my sacrificial lamb and He taught me help is only a whispered prayer away. I am eternally secure not by my merit…but by the promise that God made at Golgotha.

On a Friday much like today, The Son of God took my place, was mocked, scourged and executed for me. Although this brutal mistreatment cannot ever be considered fair or just, this day is remembered as “Good Friday” because Christ’s sacrifice is good news for all mankind…all who asked for Christ’s help have their sin debt paid.

Lord, only You think I’m worth the price You paid…”Thank You”.


Scripture: “He was wounded and crushed because of (my) sins; by taking (my) punishment He has made (me) completely well. Isaiah 53:5

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