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Righteous Judge of Willful Blindness

In our culture’s rush to prove we don’t need You to identify good and evil, we have embraced embarrassingly foolish, even dangerous positions.

Despite the call to “Follow the Science!”, we seek out the most absurd fantasies to challenge Your creative genius. Settled genetic science is discarded in favor of unscientific, unproven approaches to understanding human sexuality.

In the process, rather than accepting the Biblical and scientific truth that mankind is divided distinctly into two genders, we embrace an emotional “Alphabet Soup” understanding of the issues.

Rather than treat the illness with truth, we have embraced a “witch doctor” mindset which harms rather than helps.

Shine Your light of truth brightly and help me and all Christ-followers show Your love and compassion to those trapped in this darkness.


Scripture: “However, from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female…” Mark 10:6

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