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It's time to Pray! Will you Join Us?

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More then a daily prayer app. Connect, chat and pray for others.

Join other Christians committed to raising a united voice to the Throne of Heaven asking for the hand of God, our Heavenly Father, to intercede and restore America to her founding principles.

May 2022

Daily Prayer For America

I&I provides a thoughtful prayer for our nation each day.  We invite you to pray for our nation, it’s leaders, the future success and covering.

May 2022

July 2023

Pray Chat Rooms

There are public and private prayer rooms designed to allow men’s and women’s groups; or other like minded originations to pray together.

July 2023


Learn more about Prayer

Coming in the year the team at I&I want to show you the power of prayer by learning about answered prayers from around the nation and world.

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