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You created the universe…and You care for me? How could that be? You love me and have adopted me into Your family… all because of the cross. I am a child of the King. AMAZING!

I am brokenhearted today for America. My country has decided we don’t need you any longer…we have 5G WIFI…the answer to every problem. But, the more connected our social media becomes, the more foolish we seem.

Your church seeks to be “relevant” and has lost its power. Oh, Lord, revive Your true church and give them the wisdom and the boldness to speak the truth.

Restore joy and purpose to the land…heal our divisions and bring us together.

Forgive me when I fail You in this calling. Pick me up, encourage me and send me back into the battle.


Scripture: “Professing to be wise they became fools.” Romans 1:22

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