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Healer of My Soul

My soul is wounded and despairing for my country. I have stood idly by…too silent while she broke herself apart on the dangerous shoals of ego-driven agendas and fantasies to the point where she may no longer be salvageable.

When I should have been breaking out life vests and manning the rails to rescue those flailing in the stormy waters of defeat, helpless against the treacherous waves, I was too self-involved to notice.

May it not be too late. We are launching the lifeboats, desperate to make a difference, hoping to slow her rapid descent into the deep menacing foam.

May our prayers touch Your heart and cause You to overcome the storm and pull us off the rocks that threaten destruction. Please lead America to a safe harbor.


Scripture: “So they went to Jesus and woke him up, ‘Master, Master! We are about to drown!’ Jesus got up and ordered the wind and waves to stop. They obeyed, and everything was calm.” Luke 8:24

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