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God Almighty

Thank You for loving and caring for me. I come today with a deep concern about the condition of my heart. With the issues surrounding us today in America, I find it too easy to become cynical and unloving.

The divisions we face, the distrust between us, the unbelievable loss of our humanity makes it more difficult…and more imperative I look to You every day for purpose, hope and security.

The problem is I find it all too easy to lose sight of this truth. You have said, “…we struggle not against flesh and blood..” our enemies are the spiritual forces of darkness in this world.

Help me have the heart of Jesus…help me remember the everyday people around me are lost and deceived. Correct me when I forget!


Scripture: “We struggle not against flesh and blood but…against the world forces of darkness…” Ephesians 6:12

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