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Dispenser of Perfect Justice

You asked, what more could I do for America? Why has her sweet nectar become sour fruit?

I will judge her arrogance. I will tear down her walls. I will command the clouds to withhold the rain.

I looked for justice; I saw bloodshed.

Woe to him who is…

…Calling evil good and good evil.

…Being wise in his own eyes.

…Championing chugging beer and drinking wine.

…Acquitting the guilty for a bribe.

…Depriving the innocent of justice.

…Despising the word of God.

America has disregarded the Lord’s blessing and failed to see His work in her success.  The anger of the Lord burns against us.  Hell’s jaws will open and consume us.

The Lord’s justice will prevail. Holy Spirit, sweep across America…change our hearts before it’s too late.


Scripture: Today’s prayer is a paraphrase from Isaiah 5:1-24 written for contemporary America.

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