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You designed humans unique in all creation. You gave man and woman superior intelligence, self-awareness, communications skills and a moral compass to reign over Your creation.

Early in history, we lost our way. We began to worship created objects above You. Uncivilized societies, to appease their self-made gods, instituted all sorts of rituals to earn favor. The most barbaric ritual was child sacrifice implemented for the well being of adults. Today in our sophistication we are no better. In “civilized” America we sacrifice our children…born and unborn…to protect our creature comforts, career concerns, wealth, celebrity and power. There’s no more dehumanizing practice than the destruction of children for our own well being.

We have fallen into a pit of depravity. Can we be forgiven? Please reorder our priorities and place our feet on solid ground.


Scripture: “Don’t sacrifice your children on the altar fires to the god Molech. I am the LORD your God, and that would disgrace me.” Leviticus 18:21

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