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Creator and Defender of Truth

I fear for our children, we have become a nation so motivated to live in a fantasy and so hostile to the truth that nearly 1/3 of us believe in the fake science that denies the truth, claiming instead gender is fungible…but scripture says God uniquely created man and woman.

The danger this 33% and growing number presents is that in boldly denying God’s plan, they actually believe doctors can “fix the problem” are overpowering reason in their attempt to mutilate children and destroy their futures. Sadly, the response from science and from believers is muted and so far, ineffective.

Where are the brave men and women among us willing to stand for the truth, reject the nonsense and defend our children? God, give me the courage to enter the battle.


Scripture: “So God created humans to be like himself; he made men and women.” Genesis 1:27

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