Prayers for America

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Dear Heavenly Father

I come before you today humbled by the opportunity to have access to your throne and secure in the knowledge that you welcome me with grace and love.

I am concerned for America. She has lost her way. Darkness and evil seem to be winning. We need your light to reveal the depravity we have embraced and we need your truth to find our way. Show yourself as powerful and restrain the enemy.

I need your strength and wisdom. Please help me represent your love and grace to those who need you today. May I be salt and light to those I meet in the course of my everyday routine.


“For the Lord grants wisdom. From His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.”
Proverbs 2:6

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God of the Universe…

I am so grateful for being able to come boldly to your throne with my prayers because of your love and forgiveness of me through your Son.

I call on you today asking you to involve yourself in the affairs of America. We have become a nation lost in darkness and deceit. We are a nation blinded by lies and have lost our way. Please shine your light on our nation’s sin and reveal the truth that we might reject evil and turn to you.

I also ask your Holy Spirit to empower me to walk uprightly today, to represent you well in my community, and to speak truth boldly to those in need of your salvation.


Scripture: “For You light my lamp; the Lord my God illuminates my darkness”
Psalms 18:28

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God of mercy, love and forgiveness

I am amazed by the access You give Your children to your mighty throne.  Thank you for being so available to us.

I am brokenhearted at what America has become and the knowledge that I bear personal responsibility for her failures by neglecting to stand for Your Son and Your truth when I had the opportunity. 
Please forgive my failures and intervene in our country.  We, the people, need to see Your mighty hand at work again among us. 

Restore a holy fear of Your name in our land, heal us and cause Your people to once again stand unbending for the truth You represent and for Your Son.

Begin by purifying me so that I might then share your salvation with boldness and power.

In Jesus name I ask these things, Amen

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