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Daily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father

As I read your word, I know it transcends all time and is relevant to the 21st century. You condemn injustice and partiality to the wicked! You vindicate the weak

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Daily Prayer

Provider of my Sacrifice

It is perfect symmetry…Isaac asked his father, “Where is the lamb for the sacrifice?” His Father responded, “God will provide the lamb.” And God provided. More than 3000 years later

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Daily Prayer

Source of my Eternal Melody

This time of year, many hearts are lifted as we are surrounded by songs of love and forgiveness…songs of joy and hope. Uplifting songs, familiar songs…songs that bring back memories

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Daily Prayer

Our Source of True Forgiveness

If ever a moment reflects Your heart of inclusion, it is this season when in the cold winter air we hear our favorite Christmas hymns…we watch people engage strangers with

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Daily Prayer

Keeper of My Past

You know every detail of my life and love me anyway. You have locked away my past…forgiven every failure. In spite of all You know, You have secured my future.

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Time

You’ve said that as the end of days approaches, You will release all manner of plagues, famines and natural disasters upon the earth in one final attempt to convince mankind

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Daily Prayer

My One True Audience

I so often forget that You are my only audience…that all I say…all I do should be done to express my gratitude for all You’ve done for me. You rescued

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Daily Prayer

Father of all truth

I know Your word contains all the essential truth and wisdom I need. Yet, I am often tempted to seek answers from the world. Their advice is enticing. Their words

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Daily Prayer

Jesus Savior of the World

Forgive me for living in fear, defeated by the decisions of our government, and the permissive immorality of our culture. Forgive me for feeling like a “fish out of water”

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Daily Prayer

Author of the Beginning and the End

I know my future is secure because I know You love me and hold my future in Your loving hands. Your word tells us that just as You created all

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