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Daily Prayer

Restorer of my soul

I know the peace that surpasses understanding when I rest in You confident that You are both Just and Merciful without contradiction. It is very easy in this world of

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Daily Prayer

Upholder of Absolute Truth

It is comforting to know Your word is absolutely true…there is no shadowing or exaggeration in Scripture. The assurance of Your faithfulness gives me courage today and hope for tomorrow.

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Protector of Life

You proclaim human life sacred and precious but from abortion parlors to street violence, Americans are killing Americans at an alarming pace. It pains You when we treat so life

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Right and Wrong

I am confident when I chose your path forward I will never go wrong. Your word provides the road map to joy, peace and security. But in our pride and

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Daily Prayer

Source of my Restoration

Whenever this fallen world weighs heavily on my heart and soul, You are always faithful to restore my confidence in the future. Your promises are true and Your love for

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Daily Prayer

Definer and Sustainer of Justice

It is reassuring knowing one day every knee shall bow before Your throne and acknowledge Your authority and no challenge to Your findings of guilt will stand. It is reassuring

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Daily Prayer

Alpha and Omega

America is a hot mess!  Knowing, “You got this” is a great comfort. As violence ramps up and has the tacit support of our elites on campuses, in  the media

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Daily Prayer

God of Absolute Truth

I am astonished at how quickly America has abandoned Your absolute perfection for the fallible wisdom of cruel, selfish and depraved men. We abandon our marriage vows without cause…we abandon

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Daily Prayer

Just King

You alone establish justice. Justice is the essence of who You are. You have proclaimed the pattern for mercy. America must acknowledge her guilt and request forgiveness before mercy can

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Daily Prayer

Protector of the Innocent

In Your wisdom, You advised Your children not to eat the fruit from the tree of “The knowledge of Good and Evil”. It was…and remains today, Your desire for each

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