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Daily Prayer

Defender of Absolute Truth

America is captured by the fantasy that truth and reality are whatever you want it to be. Biology, math, history and many other subjects are either racist or sexist and

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Daily Prayer

King of Righteousness

In America today it is easy to rage at the injustice in the land and the brutal attacks being aimed at our children. I must be careful to remember my

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Fellowship

You said, “It is not good for man to be alone…” and created mankind with a capacity for fellowship with You and with others. A unique capacity…memory, communications skills, self-awareness,

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Guardian of Children

In America, the only place as dangerous to our children as their mother’s womb or the streets of our major cities is their pediatrician’s office. As a society, we have

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Daily Prayer

Lord of all Communication

In America it is nearly impossible to spend any time on social media, entertainment, or the listening to the news without being bombed by offensive language. Communication not designed to

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Daily Prayer

Longsuffering Author of All Created Life

How much of mankind’s malignant hatred and disastrous rebellion will You endure? How long can we willfully and with malice, mock Your forgiveness before Your judgment is revealed from heaven?

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Daily Prayer

Dispenser of Perfect Justice

You asked, what more could I do for America? Why has her sweet nectar become sour fruit? I will judge her arrogance. I will tear down her walls. I will

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Daily Prayer

The God Without Unintended Consequences

American hubris is laughable in its willful blindness. In our mistaken faith in human wisdom, we regularly broadcast our foolishness to billions of people. Take for example our medical community

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Perfection

Before the universe was formed by Your spoken word, all Your actions have been without error. Every star has been perfectly set in place. Each detail of planet Earth was a

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Daily Prayer

Keeper of the Guard

When You tell me “No” I don’t always understand…but I always know You have my best at heart. “No” is always difficult because the world’s options seem so enticing and

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