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Daily Prayer

Creator of Life

Your compassion for the innocent and most vulnerable among us is unchallenged. I come to You with a heavy heart for the infants and children in America whose innocence and

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Daily Prayer

Father of Forgiveness

I am frightened today, not for my security in You for You have given me both peace and purpose…but for my country. We are becoming a country of mob rule.

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Encouragement

When I am lost or frightened or lonely, You give me courage. When the right choice is daunting, when right path seems dark and lonely or I am facing uncomfortable

Daily Prayer

Protector of the Meek

I ‘m just learning what it means to be truly courageous…what it means to be a courageous person of faith as we stand in the gap for America. We are all

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Daily Prayer

Everlasting Father

I approach You today full of awe and wonder at Your grace and mercy towards me. Even though I fail You often, I come to You today boldly, knowing my

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