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Daily Prayer

Lord of Heaven and Earth

Talking to You everyday fills my life with confidence. Knowing I am secure in Your love and forgiveness gives every new day purpose. I am angered by the willful blindness

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Daily Prayer

Source of all truth and knowledge

It is one of my greatest blessings to be anchored in You. To know Your absolute truth is to know Your peace and acceptance. Everywhere I turn, people are desperate

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Home and Family

You designed the nuclear family as the cornerstone of a stable and functioning society. The home was the place to raise, nurture and develop the next generation and the next

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Daily Prayer

Heavenly Father

It feels as if our Country is headed toward destruction. Although we are not “Israel” we are your children. “If your people (America) are defeated by their enemies because they have sinned

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Perfection

When You finished Your creative work, You declared, “It is very good.” Before mankind decided we could make our own rules, it was perfect and without any kind of blemish.

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Daily Prayer

God of all Truth

Thank You for rescuing me from the quicksand and putting my feet on solid ground. I reach out to You today in great confidence Because nothing is impossible for You.

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Life and Giver of Hope

I cannot imagine life without the hope You give. All around me are people desperate for escape from a life without any meaning beyond their own ease and pleasure. Their every new experience

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Life

Your compassion for the innocent and most vulnerable among us is unchallenged. I come to You with a heavy heart for the infants and children in America whose innocence and

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Daily Prayer

Father of Forgiveness

I am frightened today, not for my security in You for You have given me both peace and purpose…but for my country. We are becoming a country of mob rule.

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Encouragement

When I am lost or frightened or lonely, You give me courage. When the right choice is daunting, when right path seems dark and lonely or I am facing uncomfortable

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