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Daily Prayer

Source of all Human Rights

In just a few short hours, I will be responsible to cast my vote for men and women…mostly unknown to me personally…and give them my approval to lead America and our

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Daily Prayer

Father of Unity and Order

The time is fast approaching when I must vote for the men and women who will be our political leaders for at least the next two years. I am struggling with

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Daily Prayer

God of Unity and Justice

As the time of decision draws closer…as we vote for those to lead us forward, I kneel before You asking that Your hand guide us and provide us with Godly

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Daily Prayer

God Above all Government

We face the important task of voting for the future leaders of our country soon, I come before You asking for Your wisdom in how to cast my vote. Lord,

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Peace and Order

By Your spoken word the universe was created. You oversee the smallest details of life. There is nothing outside your notice. You divinely inspired our founders to bring forth America

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Perfection

It is comforting to know You’ve never made a mistake. Everything You do is without error. But, Your creation has been marred by fallen men like me whose egos demand

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Daily Prayer

Alpha and Omega

You know the beginning from the end. Every day the headlines seem drawn directly from Your description of the final days. I don’t pretend to know Your mind but I

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Daily Prayer

Father of Forgiveness

When I see the immorality and degradation of our culture on display in our headlines: shared on our social networks and mainstreamed in our educational institutions, I’m sickened at what

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Daily Prayer

Father of Truth and Light

Your light brings victory over darkness. Thank You for showing Your power as we pray together seeking Your face and asking Your help. It is time to take note…AND PRAISE…the

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Daily Prayer

God of all Creation

Thank You for the family structure You designed. That structure, throughout human history, has functioned to create stable homes. Which explains the enemy’s relentless attack on families…fatherhood in particular, demeaning

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