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Daily Prayer

Fearsome Avenger

Many do not like to consider Your avenging justice.  We prefer to think of You as kind, gentle, patient and forgiving…and all of those descriptions are true. But we are

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Daily Prayer

Creator of the Blessing of Work

You created work as an avenue of blessing…giving self-respect…a sense of purpose. We have come to believe working…hard work…demanding work for the benefit of others is a curse. Instead, we expect

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Daily Prayer

Avenger of Evil

I am ashamed of my country. We have embraced the darkness. We live only for ourselves. I have never seen corruption so brazen and public and the law mocked as

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Daily Prayer

Giver of All Life

I am brokenhearted to learn the death rate for our children is rising rapidly. Our children from birth to 20 are dying at their highest rate in over a decade.

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Daily Prayer

Source of All Truth

In our foolish arrogance, we continually challenge You and deny the absolute truth of our need for rescue from the darkness that claims each of us. Thank You for revealing

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Daily Prayer

Lord of All Knowledge

Author of all history and all future, thank You for being an integral part of my life. It is a great comfort to know that the author of the future

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Daily Prayer

Breath of Life

Just as a valley of dry bones was given life by Your breath, Your Holy Spirit breathes life into lost and dying souls today. I’m so grateful that when I

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Defender of Truth

I fear for our children, we have become a nation so motivated to live in a fantasy and so hostile to the truth that nearly 1/3 of us believe in

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Daily Prayer

Father of Emotions and Definer of Truth

In creating mankind, You gave us emotions. We have the ability to feel things deeply. We love, we mourn, we laugh, and a myriad of other emotions. Our feelings bring

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Daily Prayer

Lord Over All Science

Your creative work defies scientific boundaries. Mankind has been able to observe Your perfection. The total lack of randomness in the universe has allowed science to probe deep mysteries and

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