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Daily Prayer

Source of all Truth

Your word is the truth…and I can rely on it but the world despises truth. We cannot handle the truth…only the “woke” narrative gets a hearing. Decades ago we abandoned the

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Knowledge

It is reassuring to know You’re in charge and that nothing in this universe is beyond Your control. Even though all around me is chaotic because as the end approaches,

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Daily Prayer

Guardian of my Soul

My eternity is secure in Your trustworthiness. From the moment of my salvation, You have protected me from danger. Never in my lifetime has the threat to innocent children been

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Daily Prayer

Author of Love and Forgiveness

I am grateful to have received Your forgiveness and love without limits. To know when I fail You always offer Your forgiveness, and I can be instantly restored to full

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Daily Prayer

Keeper of the light

It is comforting to know You are the keeper of truth…but discouraging to see how deceived our nation is by the misinformation propagated by the servants of darkness. So many

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Daily Prayer

My Strong Shelter

Truth and life are under attack from all sides. Threats rising from a desperate attempt to nullify the predictable consequences of casual sex abound. By denying the existence of a

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Sustainer of Life

At every newborn baby’s cry, I am reminded to celebrate life. I am brokenhearted at the blood lust of those demanding the right to kill the unborn. When does an

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Daily Prayer

Father of Love and Peace

I am blessed to bask in Your love and peace that surpasses all understanding. I am confounded by the way the enemy distorts our language and defines the idea of

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Daily Prayer

God of all Government

Today is the day! It is “…for such a time as this…” You called me to use my influence to make a difference in America. Today I, along with each

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Daily Prayer

My Guardian and Protector

Tomorrow is an important day. Although You alone are responsible for my destiny, millions of Americas’ are desperately concerned about the outcome of this election. May the leadership that emerges lift

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