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Daily Prayer

Lord of All Knowledge

My heart weeps for the fate of our children. We have abandoned them to the deceitful lies being taught by a school system immersed in deceptions originated in the depths

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Immutable Justice

For Justice to reign, absolute standards must exist. If the standards are subject to individual interpretation, then justice loses. Our system has become subject to the whims of arbitrators and

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the Ecclesia

Where is Your Ecclesia…Your called out ones…at this time in our crisis of evil? Does my cowardice or my desire to have a small part of this world, hold me

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Daily Prayer

My North Star

While the world around me descends into fantasies and lies, You remain my stable North Star showing me the path to travel. For centuries travelers, and explorers, at sea and

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Daily Prayer

King of Righteousness

When profit is more important than right, we’ve lost our way. When power is more important than justice, we’ve lost our way. As I look at the Rio Grande, I

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Daily Prayer

My Source of Strength and Endurance

When I look around 21st-century America, I am concerned that key essentials of the uniquely American character have been lost over the last few decades. This once great land is

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Daily Prayer

Father of a True Awakening

Today, America’s virtue signals but is without virtue. We have abundant access to facts but are without wisdom. We live our lives in silos we have created to isolate us

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Daily Prayer

Conqueror of Sin and Death

It seems impossible to believe that anyone would demand to be known publicly by their failures. It is surely madness that demands that we identify others by their cruelest and

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Daily Prayer

Shredder of Darkness

Is it possible our small team’s efforts have moved You to engage the evil deception in America today…but as we have prayed regularly for You to shine the brilliant light

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