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Daily Prayer

Father of Love and Forgiveness

Honor and virtue are not innate human traits. Our natural instincts are self-centered and debasing. You teach that I…and each of us have fallen victim to a sin nature inherited

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Daily Prayer

Healer of Wounded Hearts

Thank You for the centuries of blessings You have given to America. As our Creator, You have been so good to us even when we failed to live up to

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the Beginning and the End

I pray confidently to You because You have full knowledge of all truth. In Isaiah 59 You describe an America who has lost her way. We look for light, but

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Daily Prayer

Definer of the Family

Today is a day set aside to celebrate mothers. While they come in all sizes and shapes…while some excelled and others struggled with the responsibilities, I thank You for establishing

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the beginning and the End

It is easy to pray to You because You have demonstrated in Your word perfect knowledge of all things. In Isaiah 59 You describe America today perfectly” Our streets run

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Daily Prayer

Provider of Strength and Courage

You created America as a beacon of light for billions of people around the world trapped in desperation without hope for a better future. You endowed her with men and women

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Daily Prayer

Guardian of the Persecuted Church

Today, while the organized church is embracing cultural norms seeking relevancy in the 21st century, Your true followers are being harassed and persecuted daily. You warned us that in the

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Daily Prayer

Prince of all Truth

I am often saddened by what has happened to the organized church in America today. With some exceptions, our churches today have become proselytes for the demonic philosophies of our

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Daily Prayer

Author and Completer of the Family

An intact traditional family as You designed it is the single greatest guard against societal dysfunction and the collapse of the rule of law. Families preserve the social contract, protect

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Daily Prayer

Redeemer of the Foolish

Of all mankind, I was counted among the most foolish…thinking myself wise, I had chosen a path to destruction. But when I cried out for help, I discovered Your loving

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