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Daily Prayer

Conqueror of Evil

Daily news headlines reveal a massive attack underway on our children. From grooming at public schools to brazen daylight attempts to kidnap children from their own backyards to the America

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Daily Prayer

Master of the Gentle Rebuke

We have lost the capacity to speak truth in love. In our rush to shock…to win the argument…to put our adversary on defense, our language has become coarse, vulgar and

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Daily Prayer

Author of Ultimate Grace

Before creation You knew I would fall and You had a plan to rescue me from my selfishness and arrogance…it was played out on a cross at Golgotha. Rather than

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Righteousness

It is difficult to distinguish truth from the preferred narrative today. It seems everywhere…from all sides, the truth is held hostage to ensure facts and unbiased reporting don’t injure the

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Daily Prayer

Father of Uncompromising Truth

Today in America, Your children have divided and divided again our commitment to Your uncompromising Scripture. We each prefer our own understanding…the understanding that requires the least challenge and is

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Daily Prayer

Guardian of our Mental Health

America is in a deep and growing mental health crisis. The cause of our great distress is the Spiritual warfare being waged by the prince of darkness against our intellect.

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Daily Prayer

Keeper of my Future

Your plans for the future for Your children, those accepting the salvation You offer so freely to anyone who believes, are beyond our comprehension. But the prince of this world…the

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Daily Prayer

Lord with a Plan

The security of knowing You are in charge of all my tomorrows is encouraging and gives me great confidence. I can face each new day and each new challenge without

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Daily Prayer

The Lord Almighty

I know that there is no power in the universe that can stand before You. The greatest leaders…the most powerful weapons cannot overcome You. But, today in America the “Almighty

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Daily Prayer

Eternal Father

You chose to share Your name with the man in the home. When I think of the awesome responsibilities attached to bearing Your name and Your image in the home

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