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Daily Prayer

Creator and Sustainer of the Universe

To think I could ever have taken the privilege of prayer for granted. To be able to speak directly to You is one of the greatest gifts You’ve given Your

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Daily Prayer

Author of my salvation

I am helpless before the enemy. He is at my doorstep. You alone can rescue me from the impending disaster. America has lost her way. She has abandoned the bedrock

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Daily Prayer

Lord of all Creation

That You would hear my prayers is overwhelming…Your concern for all that burdens my heart is a powerful mark of Your love for me. Thank You! My heart today is

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Heaven and Earth

I come before You today, not worthy of the love and salvation You have given me and humbled by the opportunity to make my requests known directly to You. I

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Truth

I come before You today awed by Your Power and humbled by the access You’ve given me. America is being overcome by darkness and being blinded by lies. In our

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Daily Prayer

Mighty God, Forgiving Father

It is overwhelming to think that I am privileged to enter Your Throne room and make my requests directly to You. Thank you for the grace and love You offer

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Daily Prayer

God of Righteousness

God of Righteousness, Thank You for loving and forgiving me so much and allowing me to come boldly into Your presence. Today I am asking You to show Yourself powerful

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Daily Prayer

King of Heaven and Earth

It is overwhelming to know You have granted me the privilege of coming boldly into Your presence through the sacrifice of Your Son. It pains me to watch America mock

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Heaven and Earth

Being able to share my concerns at Your throne and know that You hear and that You care is an amazing blessing. Thank You for this privilege. I come to

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Daily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father

I come before you today humbled by the opportunity to have access to your throne and secure in the knowledge that you welcome me with grace and love. I am

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