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Daily Prayer

Lord of Heaven and Earth

Not a day passes that I don’t see Your fingerprints. You are everywhere in creation and everywhere in my heart. It is impossible to comprehend the depth and steadfastness of

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Daily Prayer

God Almighty

Thank You for loving and caring for me. I come today with a deep concern about the condition of my heart. With the issues surrounding us today in America, I

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Boss of the Universe

There is no one bigger than You or less worthy than me…but still You’ve gone out of Your way to give me access to Your throne room. Why I don’t

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Daily Prayer

Giver of Life

The universe was without form or substance…then You spoke and everything came into being. At Your command there was where there had been only darkness and life where there had

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Daily Prayer

Keeper of my Soul

You are more faithful than any parent could be. You love us more than anyone else could. You guarantee my eternity with You…and You are never too busy to listen.

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Daily Prayer

Author of my Salvation

I love You…not for all the mighty things You’ve done, but simply because of who You are. You rescued me; gave me a place in Your family; love me and

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Daily Prayer


Thank You for making provision for my sin. By the blood of Calvary I now have You on my speed dial…AND, You always answer. Your love for the human race

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Daily Prayer

God of Creation

You give me more access to You than my boss gives me. You hear me when I call. You care about my concerns. You promised You will never leave me

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Daily Prayer

Keeper and Protector of my Soul

You alone are the source of my salvation. In You alone will I seek forgiveness and purpose. Your promises are sure, and in You I find hope. I am reminded

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Daily Prayer

Abba, Father

Your gracious forgiveness and acceptance of me into the Family of God is amazing. To know You’re never too busy to listen to me and You care about me, overwhelms

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