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Daily Prayer

Lord With All Power and Authority

I kneel before You today fearing America is fatally deceived. Like Adam and Eve, we believe we can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. Majorities of us have

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Daily Prayer

Author of the Second Chance

Your forgiveness extends well beyond my first or second failure. Without Your unlimited forgiveness, I would have no hope for the eternal peace You promise…I would have no chance of

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Daily Prayer

Selfless Lord

From before the universe was formed You were committed to redeeming the fallen souls of mankind with the life of Your son. Your sacrifice to call me, and all who

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Daily Prayer

Speaker of Unfathomable Wisdom

The wisdom of mankind and our understanding of Your creative work fall well short of reality. Heaven is amused at our arrogant stupidity when we speak as if we know

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Daily Prayer

God of First Priorities

“Breathes there a man with soul so dead he never to himself has said, “This is my own, my native land’?” (1) Can a nation survive without patriots? Can a

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Daily Prayer

Lord of My Priorities

What is truly important? Is it financial security? Is it power and influence? Is it “friends” on social media? Is it peace and purpose? Security? Or, could it be putting

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Daily Prayer

Definer of Irrefutable Truth

You want to be my financial manager? But I struggled with Your principles. Who would actually control “my” money? Even while I struggled with obedience…You prevented me from getting too

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Daily Prayer

God Over Every Demon

Americans in every walk of life have embraced escapism to find relief from social derangement and hopelessness. Our kids, in large numbers are using drugs…the #1 cause of death among

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Daily Prayer

Source of Creativity

The power of art and literature to influence my soul is amazing. Beauty…an uplifting story well told… empowers my “good angels” and lifts me to a better understanding of the

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Daily Prayer

Giver of all Good Gifts

It is all too easy for me to become envious. When I see what I might deem an unfair distribution of gifts, or wealth or influence any myriad of other

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