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Daily Prayer

God Who Answers Prayers

The power of prayer has seldom been fully unleashed against the Prince of Darkness…and it is a frightening thing to consider defying his awesome power. At three critical time in

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Light and Laughter

Thank You for listening to my daily concerns. I think though, it’s time to celebrate a victory! We are cheered by the parents…all across America…who have stood up to the school boards

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Perfection

Your creation was perfect. Your eternity is perfect. But today we live in a fallen world because our egos tempted us into believing we could improve our lives without You.

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Peace and Unity

The serenity I found in Your forgiveness and acceptance overwhelms me. To be one with You and fellow believers is a gift beyond comprehension. But I am surrounded by disunity.

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Daily Prayer

My Strong Fortress

You have destroyed every tool in the enemy’s arsenal to intimidate me to silence. When Christ conquered the grave, His kids were set free from the tyranny of fear’s greatest

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Daily Prayer

Author of Kindness and Forgiveness

To be Your child is to be respected before Your throne. The welcome I receive overwhelms me. On earth that is not true. Those who profess Your name are to

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Daily Prayer

Father of Peace and Hope

Amid the daily destruction of the Godly standards which made America the hope of all mankind, I find great peace and comfort in the intimate relationship we share through Christ.

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Daily Prayer

Source of Truth and Wisdom

It is comforting for me to know that because of Christ, I have unfettered access to truth. But, we seem to be at war with truth and reality if they

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Heaven and Earth

Talking to You everyday fills my life with confidence. Knowing I am secure in Your love and forgiveness gives every new day purpose. I am angered by the willful blindness

Daily Prayer

Creator of all Beauty and Order

Your handiwork throughout the universe declares Your glory. I can never thank You adequately nor repay the debt I owe for my salvation. We have made a hot mess of

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