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Daily Prayer

Source of All Wisdom

Your wisdom far exceeds the capacity of my mind to fully comprehend. Until I reach heaven and have an eternity to be Your student…will I even begin have a full

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Daily Prayer

Provider of Unlimited Forgiveness,

You offer forgiveness to even the most heinous human who asks with a repentant heart. I know…I have been forgiven! To know the joyous freedom of being granted a full

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the Golden Rule

Your simple command…treat others as you wish to be treated sems too hard to implement in my life… I am not the only one finding this hard to live up

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Daily Prayer

Essence of the Hope for all Mankind

You provide a secure hope for eternity through the cross at Calvary. But, across our culture we are receiving daily messages about the miracles of “Big Pharma”. We’re told our

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Daily Prayer

Abba, Father

Your gracious forgiveness and acceptance of me into the Family of God is amazing. To know You’re never too busy to listen to me and You care about me, overwhelms

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Lord of the Universe

I ask, “How could I ever have the privilege of speaking directly to You?” You replied, “Seek me through the cross.” I did and You welcomed me into Your family…and

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Heaven and Earth

It is impossible to fathom why You would grant me an audience with You anytime I call, but I lift my voice to You confident that You are listening and

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Daily Prayer


Crucified, given up for dead…But today the streets ring with joy…given up for dead shout it from the rooftop…“HE IS RISEN”…OOH! What a day. Death has been defeated, my sins

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Daily Prayer

Source and Sustainer of Peace

In a world so full of competing noises and loud, angry voices, my soul is quieted by the knowledge that You can hear me through all the clutter. It is

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Daily Prayer

Creator of all Life

I owed a debt I couldn’t pay; You paid a debt You didn’t owe and we were reconciled at Calvary. Today You hear my every prayer and care about my

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