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Daily Prayer

Protector of the Meek

I ‘m just learning what it means to be truly courageous…what it means to be a courageous person of faith as we stand in the gap for America. We are all

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Daily Prayer

Everlasting Father

I approach You today full of awe and wonder at Your grace and mercy towards me. Even though I fail You often, I come to You today boldly, knowing my

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Daily Prayer

Lord of All

You are the light of my life…without You as my guide, I could not find my way. But in today’s culture it is easier to remain silent and simply follow the

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Truth

I am calmed by the knowledge that You’re in charge. I am secure knowing You’ve adopted me into Your eternal family by the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. But, if

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Daily Prayer

Lord of All

It is a blessing to know You’re in charge and to see the enemy throw a temper tantrum when his freedom to kill babies may be thwarted. It thrills the

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Sustainer of Life

I lift my eyes up to Your mountains. Their majesty reminds me…my help comes from the creator of the mountains. I am safe in Your hands. But I am surrounded

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Life

You are at work to bring light to the darkness. It is only by Your power that our country lifted the death sentence from babies “Made in America”. The most

Daily Prayer

Lord of the First Response

Today we remember with deep sadness…but with great admiration, those amazing first responders who raced fearlessly into the burning Twin Towers to rescue fellow America’s trapped by in an unimaginable

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Daily Prayer

The God of life and freedom

You are the God who gave us freedom and encourages us in times of distress. We have never needed You more.. We see the carnage men’s wisdom produces. You guided

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Sustainer of my soul

My rock and my fortress, to consider life without You is to face a hopeless future. I kneel before You in awe and wonder. But the world around me is

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