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Daily Prayer

Destroyer of Deception

When I am confused…when the path forward is unclear and I am wrestling with finding the truth, I have perfect confidence in Your ability to light the way. America today

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Daily Prayer

Father of all Nations

Looking at the mess we’ve made of things, it’s easy to question if we’ve been chosen to be blessed as You blessed Israel??? I acknowledge our unworthiness of Your love, forgiveness,

Daily Prayer

Lord of All Power

As I pray brokenhearted for America, I’m reminded of wisdom handed down to me by those wiser than me: “Don’t spit into the wind.” “Don’t bite the hand that feeds

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Daily Prayer

Protector of the Vulnerable

You have challenged Your followers to be defenders of the weak, vulnerable, and innocent among us. Our daily news stories declare that America, once a safe haven for the vulnerable…“Give

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Man and Woman

I weep often over today’s America. As the crowning perfection of Your creation, You created man and woman and said it was “very good”. Many of America’s sophisticated elites…those well

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Order and Discipline

Often times I need to be reminded how gracious you are…how your mercies are new every morning…how blessed I am that you have forgiven me of my sin. I know

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Daily Prayer

Protector of the Innocent

I am saddened as I look around today…I remember a better day in my country. A day when America was committed to protect the innocent. But no longer…today innocence is

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Daily Prayer

King of No Surprises

Even the best intended plans growing from human wisdom contain unintended consequences. Pharmaceuticals devise vaccines that are better than natural immunity boosted by natural products…only they aren’t…people died and continue

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Daily Prayer

Supreme Judge

You established an immutable standard of justice. While the consequences of violating Your boundaries are not always immediate; they are always certain. In America today we mock Your guidance as

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Daily Prayer

Creator of the Family

My heart is broken today for the thousands of families hurting and broken in America. You designed the nuclear family for our good…mankind, in our infinite wisdom, has declared a

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