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Daily Prayer

Source of all truth and knowledge

It is one of my greatest blessings to be anchored in You. To know Your absolute truth is to know Your peace and acceptance. Everywhere I turn, people are desperate

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Home and Family

You designed the nuclear family as the cornerstone of a stable and functioning society. The home was the place to raise, nurture and develop the next generation and the next

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Daily Prayer

Heavenly Father

It feels as if our Country is headed toward destruction. Although we are not “Israel” we are your children. “If your people (America) are defeated by their enemies because they have sinned

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Perfection

When You finished Your creative work, You declared, “It is very good.” Before mankind decided we could make our own rules, it was perfect and without any kind of blemish.

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Daily Prayer

Father in heaven

As Creator of life, You passionately love children from the time of conception forward. But, almost daily we read of new attacks on our children’s health, safety, and innocence as

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Daily Prayer

Lord of True Honor

Honor today seems to be fungible, subject to the current whims being pushed on social media at any given moment. While we virtue signal commitment to the latest “cause celeb”

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Peace

At every hand, there is no peace…no joy. How have we fallen so far so quickly from Your shelter and blessing? We have let the government impose a godless reign on

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Daily Prayer

Merciful Father

As fallen human beings, we have pretty much made a hot mess of everything beautiful You gave us. I am brokenhearted to know how I have taken Your gifts for

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Daily Prayer

King of Kings

By Your spoken word, the universe was created and You oversee the smallest details of life. There is nothing outside Your notice. You divinely inspired our founders to bring forth America

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Truth

Thank You for being my never changing North Star, guiding me in the way of truth and honor. Without Your wisdom to guide me, I would wander lost in darkness.

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