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Daily Prayer

God of True Science

It is comforting to know that all science is subject to Your authority. Our intellectual elites struggle to explain the origins of the universe because before creation, all our explanations

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Unflinching Reality

Reality isn’t always what I wish it to be. The unflinching truth of the consequences of sin is devastating. So devastating that to secure for us an eternity of peace

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Daily Prayer

Giver of Life

I’m weeping today to learn how America has abandoned Your truth. We turned our back on Scripture, claiming the Bible was simply a single source among many sources of wisdom

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Daily Prayer

Righter of all Wrongs

Many reject You as loving God because You are righteous and hold accountable those who chose darkness over light. No loving parent ignores the misbehavior of their children…neither does our

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Daily Prayer

Father of All Life

Your love is crazy love…You love us as we mock Your Son. It extends to all people; every tribe…every language. Calvary offers unbounded forgiveness. The crisis and chaos at our

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Daily Prayer

Father of My Hope and My Future

Today I close the book on 2023 and begin a new challenge.  May the New Year blow away every dream! I’m praying that the use of the Inspire and Ignite

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Daily Prayer

God of Order

You created time-based on the movement of the stars and planets to give us order in our lives and help us track significant events. As we complete our annual orbit

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Daily Prayer

Our Standard Setter

I am grateful for the guardrails You set in place to guide me into wise decisions and healthy relationships. Obedience is my gateway to Your blessings. But in America today

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Defender of the Family

The most important thing You ever did for me…after paying my sin debt…has been to place me in a loving family.  Thank You for nurturing, loving parents. You created family

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Daily Prayer

Unshakable God

When all around me is falling apart, I will not be shaken because You are unshakable. If I let my imagination run to what might be…You always reassure me about

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