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Daily Prayer

King over All Human History

I give You my humble “Thank You” for Your intervention in the affairs of kings, to establish centuries ago the concept of freedom for all mankind on these shores. Seeking

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the Universe

Help me understand what Your “Lordship” means in my life. Describe for me those areas of my life where I retain control after I declare You my “Lord”. I know

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Daily Prayer

God Above Mockery

The arrogance of mankind cannot be overstated. I am daily amazed at the absurd efforts made to try to prove we don’t need a creator while establishing we’re intelligent enough

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Daily Prayer

The God of True Justice

What does “Social Justice” mean? It seems to mean certain people groups cannot be guilty of crimes in America. They are given passes because of existing cultural biases. But Scripture

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Daily Prayer

Source of All Compassion

We have so convoluted Your word, that we do not understand love or compassion. Today, we spell “love” – “lust” and have come to believe that it is compassionate to

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Virtue and Honor

As the serpent conclusively proved, honor and virtue are not innate within the heart of mankind. Our natural, unbridled instincts, are self-centered and debasing. This truth is self-evident in the

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Daily Prayer

Declarer of Ultimate Truth

Mankind continually chases follies to be free of God. Like the medieval church, we constantly challenge any science which runs counter to our preferred story based on what we wish

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Daily Prayer

Source of All Courage

It’s an inspiration anytime the men and women of America’s youngest generation stand boldly before a loud megaphone and proclaim the Lordship of Christ in their lives without fear of

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Daily Prayer

God of Public Declaration

When Messiah was crucified on a cross, naked before the world, You publicly declared Your love for all mankind. The price of our rebellion hung on full display before a

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Daily Prayer

God of Civility

You have asked Your followers to be polite and caring towards those who attack and vilify believers. You have said a day of judgement is coming and Justice will prevail.

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