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Daily Prayer

Father of Intimacy

In the perfection of creation, man and woman were designed to share life and intimacy together and with You as the crowning glory of Your plan. Their intimacy became the

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Daily Prayer

God of Unity

You created mankind to live together in a community. You designed the nuclear family as the foundation of society, essential to passing truth from generation to generation. In our wisdom,

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Daily Prayer

God, my King

You deliver me from the chaos of this life. You own the entire earth. You are entirely trustworthy. Yours is the day, and the night; You created the sun. You separated

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Daily Prayer

Righteous Judge

From the beginning, You have been just in all Your judgments. Your justice is guided by grace. I know because I received Your pardon…Your Son paid the penalty for me.

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Miracles

You parted the sea; saved Daniel from the lions; rescued teenagers from the furnace; fed 5000 with a boy’s lunch; defeated death…there is nothing too hard for You. I am

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Daily Prayer

Source of Unconditional Love

To receive unconditional love….love unbounded by any conditions…unending love is only available at the cross. I am overwhelmed by Your love for me…a failed human…without anything to offer in return…You

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Peace and Unity

The joy of being part of the multi-racial, multi-cultural family of God is exhilarating and uplifting. To know Your love extends to every human and the invitation to join together

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Daily Prayer

God Who Answers Prayers

The power of prayer has seldom been fully unleashed against the Prince of Darkness…and it is a frightening thing to consider defying his awesome power. At three critical time in

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Light and Laughter

Thank You for listening to my daily concerns. I think though, it’s time to celebrate a victory! We are cheered by the parents…all across America…who have stood up to the school boards

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Perfection

Your creation was perfect. Your eternity is perfect. But today we live in a fallen world because our egos tempted us into believing we could improve our lives without You.

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