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Daily Prayer

Jesus Savior of the World

Forgive me for living in fear, defeated by the decisions of our government, and the permissive immorality of our culture. Forgive me for feeling like a “fish out of water”

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Daily Prayer

Author of the Beginning and the End

I know my future is secure because I know You love me and hold my future in Your loving hands. Your word tells us that just as You created all

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Daily Prayer

Lord of all Provision

You have met every need I have. Thank You for Your generosity and goodness. But, Lord, America today is bankrupt. We are morally bankrupt…we no longer know right from wrong.

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Righteousness and Judgment

“Hear, America, I will warn you. Listen to Me! There must be no strange god among you. I am the LORD your God, who brought you liberty and freedom. But

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Daily Prayer

Source of Unambiguous Truth

Your truth is unassailable. It is above all human thought. When I hear the “facts” spun by mankind to justify their “me first” self-centeredness, I can be lulled by their

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Daily Prayer

Graceful Lord

When You rebuke me, Your words are bold…but gentle. You lead me without vitriol or crudeness. You are teaching me to learn to speak without cursing or using Your name

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Miracles

As I consider the awesome miracle of forgiveness, I am reminded of how much You’ve forgiven me…and how careless I am in forgiving others. Bring to mind any unforgiveness I

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Daily Prayer

Source of Unconditional Love

To receive unconditional love….love unbounded by any conditions…unending love is only available at the cross. I am overwhelmed by Your love for me…a failed human…without anything to offer in return…You

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Knowledge

It is reassuring to know You’re in charge and that nothing in this universe is beyond Your control. Even though all around me is chaotic because as the end approaches,

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Daily Prayer

Father of Light and Truth

Thank you for the access you grant your children to your throne. By Your grace and mercy, I come asking for your help. I am surrounded by evil. Your truth

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