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Daily Prayer

My Source of Strength and Endurance

When I look around 21st-century America, I am concerned that key essentials of the uniquely American character have been lost over the last few decades. This once great land is

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Daily Prayer

Father of a True Awakening

Today, America’s virtue signals but is without virtue. We have abundant access to facts but are without wisdom. We live our lives in silos we have created to isolate us

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Daily Prayer

Conqueror of Sin and Death

It seems impossible to believe that anyone would demand to be known publicly by their failures. It is surely madness that demands that we identify others by their cruelest and

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Daily Prayer

Shredder of Darkness

Is it possible our small team’s efforts have moved You to engage the evil deception in America today…but as we have prayed regularly for You to shine the brilliant light

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Daily Prayer

Family Man

Traditional families were Your safeguard for societal order and passing on truth from generation to generation. Mothers and fathers were to provide a home where children were nurtured and protected.

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Daily Prayer

My Safe Place

America is becoming more violent each day. Gangs, crime, drugs, rape, random beat-downs…these stories are daily headlines in every corner of our country. The people fighting back in self-defense are

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Daily Prayer

God of all Governments

You have instructed us to pray for our governing officials, and I come to you in obedience today. I pray for my state government…its executive, legislative, and judicial servants. May

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Daily Prayer

Mighty Helper

Never in my life have I been more aware of the desperate battle being waged from the pit of hell against the eternal souls of mankind. Fantasy driven lies defying

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Daily Prayer

Mighty Avenger

I pray for every innocent soul trapped in darkness and deceived by the enemy. In the beginning, mankind believed a lie from hell, “You shall not surely die…” Today that

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