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Daily Prayer

Loving Father,

I cannot understand the vitriol and rebellion rampant in America against You. In 1962 the courts removed prayer from public schools. In 1963 they removed Scripture from public schools. That

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Daily Prayer

Source of Our Victory

“Give me help against the adversary.” Please help me to keep your commandments, loving you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and loving my neighbor as myself! America

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Daily Prayer

Infant Messiah

Today is the day of our salvation. Christ the King has come into the world to rescue the lost and dying. His birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection destroyed the enemy’s

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Daily Prayer

Father of my Salvation

It seems a perfect metaphor. The day following one of the darkest days of the year…in the midst of winter’s cold surrounded by barren, seemingly lifeless trees and without a

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Daily Prayer

Creator of all Knowledge

To fill the emptiness at the center of our existence, America has turned to science to answer the essential questions of life. But, science is limited to the observable. If

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Heaven and Earth

Holy is your Name and great are You to be praised!! I come to you this day with a heavy heart, watching America and her culture disintegrating and becoming a

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Daily Prayer

Light to the Nations

I thank you for your Word. You spoke truth into my future. 700 years before Christ, the Prophet Isaiah quoted Jesus saying, “I am the Lord, I have called you

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Daily Prayer

God of Love and Justice

America is recreating ancient history.  We have acted corruptly against You, not keeping the commandments You gave Moses. Like Israel of old, we’ve ignored the God of our fathers.  We

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Daily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Provider

Forgive me for living in fear, defeated by the decisions of our government, the mocking voices in the media and the liberal morality of our culture. Forgive me for my

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Daily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father

As I read your word, I know it transcends all time and is relevant to the 21st century. You condemn injustice and partiality to the wicked! You vindicate the weak

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