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Daily Prayer

God of Absolute Truth

I am astonished at how quickly America has abandoned Your absolute perfection for the fallible wisdom of cruel, selfish and depraved men. We abandon our marriage vows without cause…we abandon

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Daily Prayer

Just King

You alone establish justice. Justice is the essence of who You are. You have proclaimed the pattern for mercy. America must acknowledge her guilt and request forgiveness before mercy can

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Daily Prayer

Protector of the Innocent

In Your wisdom, You advised Your children not to eat the fruit from the tree of “The knowledge of Good and Evil”. It was…and remains today, Your desire for each

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Daily Prayer

Father of Truth and Reality

I am concerned America has become a world of fantasy…of make-believe…a place where everything is detached from truth. Hollywood elites rail about gun violence and climate change, but their movies

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Life

You created the human race distinct from all other creation and gave us eternal souls. The sanctity of every human life is at the essence of Your creation. I am deeply

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Daily Prayer

Almighty and Faithful Lord

I come before You lifting a prayer from centuries ago…but so relevant today. May the Lord answer you when you are in distress…protect you…send you help and grant you His

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Every Generation

Even a casual look at the GenZ generation reveals a very discouraging and heartbreaking truth. America’s obsession with “me first” priorities has produced a generation of children now entering adulthood

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the Circle of Life

At a recent family reunion, I watched as my 4-year-old grandson settle into his 24-year-old uncle’s lap to play video games together on a tablet. They hadn’t seen each other

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Daily Prayer

My Constant Companion

I am never alone, You are my savior and best friend. Clearly, many people who turn to You in an emergency barely know You, if at all. But with a

Daily Prayer

Lord of my Life

When I begin to believe that I’ve got something handled…that’s when I surely make a mess of things. I would think by now I’d have learned to be fully dependent

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